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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 3, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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movie script. good evening i'm elizabeth . a california prison inmate accuse of master minding a heist so elaborate, it reads like a movie script. >> we go kristin ayers on the caper that was run from behind bars. kristin? >> the -- >> reporter: the feds say that inmate was flying people here into oakland airport and having his henchmen rob them, running the entire show from his cell box bloc. >> they had percussion grenades going off. it was reads. >> robbing people at gun point, it's a shame for anyone to go through that, especially being scam into it and getting their money stolen. >> reporter: fbi agents say
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michael anthony martin was part of a criminal ring being run of all places from a prips an inmate was using a smuggled cell phone. he called the sellers and offered to have them flown to oakland. his accomplices would pick the seller up in a limb mow. a band of armed thieves would stick up the limb mow and steal the jewelry. now martin and at least 3 of the other suspected robbers are behind bars. in oakland, kristin ayers, kpix 5. >> we don't know how many victims there are, but it could be in the dozens. >> eastbound lanes of interstate 80 are -- a car was
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stolen out of concorde. the officers are okay. we do not know the suspect's condition as of right now. the freeway is expected to reopen at around midnight. tonight, a napa community is remembering a toddler found dead in her home overt weekend. this is not the first time the home. sandra? >> reporter: there is a growing memorial of candles and teddy bears. her mother and the mother's boyfriend await a hearing in her case. >> reporter: napa crime scene investigators swept the napa apartment this afternoon. investigators were call to the apartment 14 times since 2012 for a laundry list of issues
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shroffing kaley's mother, sarah kruger, and her boyfriend, michael warner. in fact, they were just there last week. a neighbor didn't know how officers missed the problems in the home. >> if i were called there, i would have taken her. >> reporter: alann ark mal irk k went swimming with the toddler this sum per. >> >> she would laugh and wave her beautiful long, blonde hair. she would run everywhere like the little baby that she was. >> reporter: crying and warner were captured by bart police near alwood after caley -- after kaley's body was found in her bed with blunt force trauma and sexual abuse. >> >> i look at my body and say how could someone do that to an innocent angel? she's only 3. to take her life
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like that, it's not fair. an independent invest into hate crime against a san jose state student found the victim was afraid to talk about what was going on. 4 students are charged with locking a bike locked an their black roommate's neck, writing racial slur on a whiteboard, that enhanging a confederate flag on in their suite. the victim was refused to speak to an investigator and was reluctant to file a formal complaint.
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the university is forming a task force. >> we are look into the subjects of the alleged abuse, and enabling them to come forward. >> recommendations are expected by the end of the semester. google may have to move its mystery barge from treasure island and finish construction elsewhere. this is a look at the 4 story building. google's intention for it, a floating marking center for google glass. an investigation by the stay veals neither google nor a treasure island development agency applied for proper permits to develop that location. they will have to apply for them. it's back to the drawing board for developers. the presidio trust shot down all 3 remaining proposals for the site. one of those pitches, an art
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museum featuring star wars can creator george lucas' collection. instead, they offered the lucas team a consolation praise of a different site in the park. >> a lot of hours, a lot of money, and a lot of emotion has been spent in the lucas cultural arts museum, and that's certainly the case for the other proposals. to find out that there are now other sites to look at, that's new information for us. >> other proposals included a sustainability institute and a pitch by the golden gate national park conservancy. >> governor brown wants o a congressional effort to address the drought. it would create a house and senate committee to tackle water problems. brown says the bill would interveer pheer with the state's own efforts. the lack of rain announced the
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-- forced the state water project tie flounce they would not send water to some state agencies. and the descrowt the worst in centuries. if it's not over soon, an entire species could be on the way out. >> reporter: this married couple has spent work years working to keep salmon from going extinct in california. overfishing and habitat destruction pushed them to the brink. now the severe dlowt could be the final threat. >> the population is so low that when these natural events happen, that could be what tapes them over the edge into extinction. >> we should be seeing nests of eggs here in the gravel. >> reporter: in this nearly-dry creek has been an essential part of the struggle to save the salmon. >> stock creek is our ground zero. >> reporter: the creek resides
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alongside a hatchery that raises and releases ab 40,000 fish each year. even in a good year, only about 400 of those, just 1%, survive to return and lay their egg es. >> reporter: where we're stand, this should be a rushing river coming out into the sea? >> we should be seeing fish going in and coming out. >> reporter: salmon are trying to return to the creek to lay their eggings, but they have nowhere to go. >> the situation is dire. the drought makes it more dire, but it is not hopeless. >> there are at least some coho salmon throughout right now. we spotted at least half a dozen big fish this afternoon. what you're looking at is pictures we took at laga income itas creek. could predator bus using a
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social media app to stalk your children? the san francisco attorney thinks so and has filed a lawsuit. imlaun meet is accused of violating california laws. sam harreras says it unlawfully posts information for children under 13. the stock market had its worst day in more than 7 months. the do you fell 327 point bbs a loss of little more than 2%. the s&p 500 gave back 40. analyst says it's a necessary -- analysts say it's a necessary evil. >> the there has to be a 2 steps forward, 1 step back
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approach to our market. >> and t it's official, janet yellen is the first woman to lead the federal reserve in had its 100 year history. yellen talk economics at cal and once headed the san francisco federal reserve. a $4 million super bowl spot is paying off for one oakland toy company. >> g lorks diblocks beat out 15,000 other small businesses to score this ad that ran during the 3rd quarter. ♪ >> it's been so popular, the company says it has 4 times the usual number of customer service reps handling call and online orders. goldiblocks toys are meant to inspire the next generation of female engineers. coming up, the drought reveals a nasty surprise mixed in with some bay area drank
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drinking water. why hundreds of old tires were dumped in this lake on purpose. >> i heard the lady saying, help me out of here. >> a sudden rush of rain water leads to a drama rescue from bay area storm drain. >> the doppler is completely dry, but there are 3 days out of the next 7 with a chance of rainfall, and some are looking countright soggy. your updated forecast coming up. ,,,,
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a subaru. oscar . tributes to phillip seymour hoffman are pouring in as police work determine his cause of death. they suspect a heroin overdose. results are not expected until tomorrow. hoffman was found in his new york apartment yesterday with a needle in his arm and heroin bags next to him, labeled ace of spades and ace of hearts, a street name for the drug. investigators also found muscle relaxers, pressure medication,
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and a drug use bid addicts to fight addiction. hoffman was 46. a bay area woman is on a mission to change your yogurt. betty yu shows us it's not the product that's the problem, it's the packaging. >> he might be looking for a meal in an old yoblait q1 but this skunk is also poking his head into a real death trap. >> i want them to get rid of this design once and for all. >> reporter: rebecca dimotrek had to cut the rim of the cup to free the skunk. he believes hundreds of animals get stuck in the rim of yoplait cups. >> the lucky ones get found, the luckier ones are found by people who can remove the heads, and the unlucky ones
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just die. >> reporter: she has the support of more than 20,000 people across the country. >> reporter: everyone that has signed the petition has pledged not to buy any yopl ark it yogurt in its standard containers. >> we currently don't have plans to change the shape of the cup, but we know that animals will try to eat the leftovers from any container, so it's very important to recycle responsiblably, which is why we urge everyone to crush the cup. >> reporter: the online response is not enough for rebecca, neither is the fine print on the back of every yogut cup. >> we need to show them that the sales will hurt if they don't change it. >> the wildlife emergency services is aiming for 100,000 cig schurs. the drought has revealed a nasty surprise in bay area
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drinking water. more tan a thousand old tires are popping up. they were put there 3 decades ago as fish reefs. now that they're out in the open, they have to go. >> we're removing that habitat, because the tires are becoming exposed. we don't want them to trap standing wear and become a habitat for mosquito opinions. >> the tire wills be hitting the road again. they're on the the way to a recycler, where they will be chop up and used as road beds. everybody knows the drought is a bad one, but did it have to be this bad? coming up, the risky bet the feds took that may have made our water shortage even worse. >> yesterday's much-needed rain caught one woman so off-guard, she needed a rescue. firefighters had to pull her from a storm drain. brian webb found out the woman may have been living down there. >> yesterday morning, you could
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-- >> reporter: yesterday morning, you could hear cries for help coming from here, and it was hard to tell where they were coming from until works at this car wash got about here an looked down. >> i heard the lady saying help me. >> reporter: a middle-aged woman with at the bottom of a storm drain with water town her knees. tom peyton couldn't lift the 250 pound cage herself, show called 911. >> our concern is that she was going to get swept into another part of the drain and we'd lose sight of her. >> reporter: a surprising amount of homeless people actually live in this storm drain, a police to sleep out of the cold until the rains come. >> people are staying down there in different sections off and on. >> reporter: the city's homeless experts done know how many people might call these concrete caves home bub but say
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it happens. the woman rescued was found with extra clothing, personal items, and her dog. >> i think they were getting out of the cold and getting some type of shelter. >> reporter: brian webb, kpix5. >> the woman and her dog are wet but expected to be okay. it was not that much rain we got, but surely it made a difference. >> every little bit counts. we had v a lot of rain out there. more coming up later this week. a little more rainfall. a live look outside tonight. it will be cold tomorrow morning. temperatures near freezing. bundle up the kids as they head up out to the bus stop. santa rosa, 34 degrees. nap ark, 32. fairfield, 35 degrees, even
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freemont, 35 degrees. we had ab have about a 2.5% debt in our rain deficit. it's a small amount, but it counts. the overall weather pattern is changing. that big ridge of high pressure which was blocking e every tomorrow from get together bay area has moved. it's still there, but the ridge is allow now allowing storms to get here. now storms can ride over the top of the ridge. the next one that arrives is on thursday. it will hit us. we will see scattered showers on thursday. the one after that is the one we will really need. we tap into some rich tropical moisture. that moves in here. that can be an inch or more of to call rainfall.
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it's clear and cold tomorrow morning showers move in on thursday, the potential soaker coming up on monday. 56 fireman for santa clara. it will be a chilly start tomorrow. san francisco, 54, nevada, 56, and cloverdale, your high tomorrow, 57 degrees. extended forecast, a chilly start on wednesday. showers on thursday. we dry out with a chilly day on friday. look at that, ken. 2 days with a soaker. sunday and monday. we're looking at rain likely both days. none of these will eliminate the drought, but each will help. >> it's just a little bit. >> walking in the right direction. >> coho all over marine county jumping for joy. still to come, the bay area says good-bye to a music legend. ,,,,
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seeger. excerpt from show bay area performers put on e show called "good nigh a singalong tribute to honor pete seger. ♪ >> bay area performers put on a show called goodnight, pete. among the performers, there's waivey wavy gravy. -- there's wavy gravy. >> he spoke about the things we care about most in such a
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joyful and colorful way. >> tributes like this have been going on all over the country. pete seger died january 27. he was 94 years old. i had to do something special -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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10:26 pm art the clock! it has been 14 years since the sharks lost to the philadelphia flyers. 13-0 date back to the bush at mid -- to the bush administration. start the clock. niemi gave up 3 goals in the first # 4 minutes of the 3rd
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period. flyers scored 4 time in the 3rd to wipe out a 2 point deficit. to milwaukee, brandon knight for the bucks to win the game, yes, winning over the nicker boxers -- over the knickerbockers. the 3 for the win, ken. oh my goodness. denver takes down lob city. and iowa state trying to win it in the 2nd overtime, deandre kane misses, melvin ejim to stuff it and win but no, too late. iowa state does win in triple overtime. jim mcinvale says he will refund purchases for a game. it costs him $7 million. >> jim might be selling
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newspapers tomorrow. >> and a lot more coach couches. -- a lot more couches. >> recliners. >> thanks for watching. join us again on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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